“Laura Kravets is the best at what she does.  Her stage management skills are first rate. More importantly…her people skills are also where she excels.  Her more than professional desire to put forth a well-run show, and make it fun and easy at the same time, is a truly rare trait in this business. All in all, she is the best.”

— Marvin Hamlisch
Composer, Conductor, Performer

“Stage Managers are a difficult group to adequately discuss.  They are charged with the responsibility of keeping harmony within their companies and yet must often be strict taskmasters.  Many of them are quietly efficient and encouraging.  They work with and between disparate groups of artists and professionals, and they frequently have to coordinate the (often) very large egos of a number of people coming from a wide variety of professional backgrounds including technicians, musicians, actors and even producers. I think that the truly great ones are able to simultaneously run a tight ship and still make it a joy to come to work.  Laura Kravets is a sterling example of all the best qualities of a stage manager and brings a distinct professionalism to her work combined with a great sense of humor.  She represents the best of the best.”

— David Andrews Rogers
Conductor and Musical Director

“I have worked with Laura Kravets on several occasions and completely rely on her thorough professionalism, experience, dependability, organizational skills and good humor.  With Laura in charge, I know I am in incredibly capable hands and don’t have to give stage management another thought. And, she makes a helluva key lime pie!”

— Peter Bogyo
Broadway and Special Event Producer / General Manager

“Laura Kravets is a producer’s dream. Her organizational ability and attention to detail make her a valued member of any production team. Her people skills are second to none and she manages to accomplish even the most difficult of tasks with a smile. Thanks again for a superb job on the MAC Awards. You made me look smart again.”

— Barry Levitt, Producer/Director
President, B.L.O. Corp
President, MAC (Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs)

“I can’t thank you enough…your professionalism and standard of excellence…the result of your contributions exceeded my expectations.”

— Jennifer Strome, Producer
Showtune Productions, LLC

“Laura is a delight to work with on corporate shows. She is one of the most professional, organized and talented stage managers in this industry.

— Mark G. Thomson, President
Thomson Productions, Inc.

“Another phenomenally smooth program!”

— Ben Cope, Development Director
TEAM Schools

“You were great!”

— John Lant, Production Manager
Carnegie Hall

“It was a pleasure working with you!”

— John Molinare, Tour/Production Manager
Chaka Khan

“This is a note to thank you for once again making the communications team at Xerox look good. The 350 attendees lauded the production of the event – everything from the lighting and the audio to the theatrics and sense of professionalism…you were behind it all insuring that everything appeared effortless and ran smoothly. Your vast experience, your ability to work so well with our executives, your incredible wealth of knowledge and your grace under pressure…I know we will be calling on you again.”

— Joseph M. Cahalan, Vice President Communications
Xerox Corporation

“Your professionalism, easy-going personality and organizational skills are top notch. I will certainly keep you in mind for future projects!!”

— Joseph Arbour, Vice President Production Services
Gail &Rice

“You’re fantastic! Very organized and great with kids!”

— Billy Carden, Director
Be The Change Gala
TEAM Academy Schools

“You helped keep it all together during the crazy time and helped make sure the boat was steady on the day of the show. You organized the cues, the stage directions and the actors beautifully. I appreciate your support throughout. You were an angel.”

— Stephen Helper, Director
Staged reading of Alan Knee’s play, SYNCOPATION

“All went well, but with you at the controls, I knew it would!”

— Billy Banks, Production Stage Manager
Frederick P. Rose Hall
Jazz@Lincoln Center

“Thank you for all your hard work. I look forward to working with you again! Cheers!”

— John Starmer, Associate Production Manager
Frederick P. Rose Hall
Jazz@Lincoln Center

“Thanks so much for all your hard work, patience and clear head… We couldn’t have done it without you.”

— Lisa McNulty, Dramaturg
Events Of The Heart

 “I appreciate all you did to make sure the event (Events Of The Heart) ran smoothly!”

— Zak Al-Alami, Lighting Designer
Jazz@Lincoln Center

“Thank you for another outstanding job!!!”

— Tony Melchior, Production Supervisor
Events Of The Heart

“You did a fantastic job.”

— Leigh Silverman, Director
Events Of The Heart

“Thank you, you’re wonderful!”

— Carole Williams
Chicago Jazz Festival
Mayor’s Office of Special Events

“Bravo! Many, many thanks for all your hard work coordinating and managing such a successful evening of entertainment. George [Soros} was very happy, and his guests thoroughly enjoyed the show.”

— Yvonne Sheer, Assistant to George Soros
Soros Fund Management

“Thanks for everything. The event for George Soros could not have been more organized and everything went perfectly!”

— Polly Onet, Partner
Ober, Onet & Associates, Event Planners

“Thanks for being so helpful…he [Denny Zeitlin] never sounded better.”

— David Murray, Production Manager
Monterey Jazz Festival

“Thank you for your efforts. I really appreciated how hard you worked this show.”

— Judy Barnett, Producer/Director
2006 MAC Awards

“Whilst she was working as tour manager for Art Garfunkel, Laura showed true professionalism as well as a caring attitude towards both the band and the crew. Laura makes the most jaded crew members respond to her wishes in the nicest of ways. She was a real pleasure and a lot of fun to work with.” 

— Stuart D. Breed, Producer/Engineer
Art Garfunkel

“It was a pleasure working with you and your team at the recent Xerox show in Miami. You did an excellent job stage managing scripts, video rolls and calling the show. The three day event went off without a hitch.”

— Ted Fowler, President and CEO
Ed & Ted’s Excellent Lighting

“It was indeed a great pleasure to work with you on the Paul Newman/Hole in the Wall Gang Fundraiser at Lincoln Center.”

— Vance Anderson
Tony Bennett Production Manager

“Now that the Paul Newman gig is over, I wanted to send you a message to once again articulate my thanks. We here at AntiGravity are very appreciative of your care, expertise and willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty during our mini crisis.”

— Christopher Harrison, President
AntiGravity, Inc.

“The show for Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall Gang Camps was wonderfully handled by you, as Production Stage Manager, and the others you brought on board. Thanks!”

— Janet Beroza, Technical Producer
Seed Creative
Paul Newman, Hole in the Wall Gang Event

“Thanks for doing a really great job on this big show! Paul Newman called this morning and was very happy. I am very impressed by your ability to keep ahead of everything and am blown away by your production staff. ”

— Kevin Duncan, Producer
Seed Creative

“Thank you for running such a sane, friendly and tight ship on The 2005 MAC Awards. We must find a place and occasion to collaborate again – I’m a fan of yours.”

— Peter Flynn, Director
2005 MAC Awards

“Thank you for a smooth and wonderful evening for the Hospital for Special Surgery’s 2005 Gala.”

— Penny Stoil, President
Projects Plus Inc.

“I was especially happy with the lack of DRAMA that usually comes with these gala award dinners. I really hope that we can work together more than once a year.”

— Michael Mann, President/ Producer
Michael Mann, Inc.

“Your style and consummate professionalism helped create an event that delighted everyone. We could not have done such a great show without you!”

— Karen Dalzell, Executive Producer
Dalzell Productions

“I meant it when I said to Mr. Hamlisch that you were awesome.”

— Marcella Goheen, Producer

“My thanks to Laura Kravets for her graciousness, efficiency and calm.  She is a wonderful stage manager.”

— Lisa Rollins, World Financial Center
Arts and Events, NYC

“Our thanks to Marvin Hamlisch for two top-rate performances with The New Mexico Symphony Orchestra. Congratulations to you, too, on the often thankless job of Road/Stage Managing. You do your profession proud.”

— Marge Navarro, Artist Liaison
New Mexico Symphony Orchestra